About Flashbooth Ottawa

Memories + Entertainment = Flashbooth Ottawa

This Is Our Story

Make real memories, and keep them forever.

After nearly 10 years in event entertainment, too many times have we witnessed, poorly trained “professionals” offering an highly questionable level of service.

Enough is enough we say, enough is enough!

Flash Photo Booth Ottawa is based solely on providing you excellent, personal service.

We’ve streamlined the process by being clear, transparent, and honest, using professional, industry leading equipment, and investing in our greatest asset, our awesome staff!


Tell us more!

Tell us about your event, spare no details. We are all about understanding you, and your event, and helping you exceed your guests expectations.


Plan, plan, plan

We gather all the required details, floor plan, guest count...etc then we work out the logistics for you. Pack our bags, show up early, oh ya, don't forget the backup equipment!


Smile on 3!

Our attendants (did I mention they are super fantastic!) love to have fun! With a photography background, they are able to handle the simplest, to the most complex situations, all with a smile!

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